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It’s easy to rent a Camaro in New York, because both the La Guardia and JFK airports have them available to rent.

The Chevy Camaros you can rent are SS models, which means you will have a ~400hp V8 engine at your disposal.  And you will love every minute of it, I assure you.

My list of locations for renting a Camaro in the New York city area is short right now; I am sure that there are more places around in the tri-state area suburbs.  If you know of another rental location, do us all a solid and submit it.  I’ll owe you one.

Camaro rental prices aren’t too bad, considering how everything seems to cost more in the NYC area.  Prices given below are subject to change (a lot) and don’t include the slew of taxes and fees that the Empire State is so famous for.  Why do they cost more at La Guardia vs. Kennedy?  I have no idea.

Feel free to comment below about your experience, if you do go ahead and rent a Camaro…I would love to hear about it.

Where To Rent A Camaro In NYCRental AgencyCamaro ModelDaily RateRent It
JFK Airport
Building 318 Federal Circle
New York City (Jamaica), New York
rent camaro hertzChevy Camaro SS $140.49Rent It
New York City Laguardia Airport
Marine Air Terminal
New York City (Flushing), NY
rent camaro hertzChevy Camaro SS $150.49Rent It

Here’s where the Camaro rental locations are, um, located relative to the rest of the NYC area:

There was a time when the words “Camaro” and “New York City” meant “IROC owned by a guy named Guido”, but those days are gone.  The current generation of Camaros are meant for anyone who likes to have muscle and power without sacrificing the handling (*cough* Dodge Challenger *cough*).

rent camaro manhattan

100 stoplights in a row, and you'll be the first out of the gate at all of them.

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